Autumn/Spring & Winter Fishing

 : Most fishing starts normally at 10am-6pm or 12pm-8pm

 : Be prepared for a long travel time out to the fishing grounds

 : Good opportunity to have lunch with a tea or coffee 

 : On the way back is plenty of time to clean and pack your fish

   Summer  less travel can be within harbour area at times

   Evening Fishing

 : Starts at 5pm till 9pm  

 : Not so much travel time fishing Rangitoto or Motuhie 

 : If individual charter minimum of 8 people to go max 10 PAX
Riko Boat Charters


  Bringing your own gear

 Types of tackle to bring.

 prefer 1 hook rig 

mix of circle hooks 4 to 8 size

80lb trace 

 extra sinkers 4oz and 8oz reef type

 You can try own gear assorted

Providing it doesn't continue to tangle others when fishing

1 rod  1 person at a time


Auckland fishing charters

Riko Boat Charters is Auckland Charter Fishing

Things you need to bring >>


A hat,sunscreen ,warm clothing,

food,bag of ice and Your favourite Beverage.

We have tea and coffee onboard.

Bring some plastic Bags, Shopping & Low Cost Rubbish bags are good in case of long tailed Fish then take your catch to your car. Please No big chilly bins leave them in your car because it's  better to have the space.

Option:Bring extra ice to keep fish cold if hot.

Non Marking Footwear,no Black rubber Gumboots or Steel caps.